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In August 2014, 180 Effective Altruists came together to learn from each other, collaborate, and build friendships.
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2014 key speakers

The EA Summit was proud to welcome the following key speakers, among many others:

peter thiel

Co-founder of PayPal & Founders Fund

holden karnofsky

Co-founder of GiveWell

max tegmark

Author of “Our Mathematical Universe”

anna salamon

Executive Director of the
Center for Applied Rationality

anders sandberg

Author and researcher at the
Future of Humanity Institute

luke muehlhauser

Executive Director of the
Machine Intelligence Research Institute

participating organizations
  • GiveWell
  • 80,000 Hours
  • Giving What We Can
  • FHI
  • Center for Applied Rationality
  • GiveDirectly
  • PSI
  • GoodMindHunting
  • IntegralCenter
  • Machine Intelligence Research Institute
  • The High Impact Network
  • FF
  • Future of Life
  • The Life You Can Save
  • Leverage Research

2014 info

The 2014 EA Summit was a conference-style event held at the David Brower Center in downtown Berkeley on the 2nd and 3rd of August 2014.

The 2014 EA Retreat was a smaller capacity, more intimate, 6 day event
held on The Dominican University Campus in San Rafael.